5. Sailing expedition from Iceland (Reykjavik) to East Greenland (region Ammassalik)

4 September 2021 16:00 up to and including 18 September 2021 10:00

Step on board Wylde Swan and enjoy unspoiled nature, countless fjords, whales, seals, icebergs and a fantastic nautical experience.

Sailing expedition from Iceland (Reykjavik) to East Greenland (region Ammassalik)

Get on board Wylde Swan, step out of your comfort zone and experience the unreal beauty of this "end of the earth", the arctic region.

Day 0

Welcome on board Wylde Swan in Reykjavik; introduction to the ship and safety briefing. BBQ on board with former trainees and crew.

Day 1-3

Nautical sailing practice at sea; join in on the 24-hour watch system, lectures, workshops and training movies.

Arrival in Greenland.

Day 3-11

Every time when we write an itinerary for a voyage and when we evaluate afterwards, we realize that the program doesn't always coincide with reality; the route of a sailing ship depends on weather and wind. This is why we only plan the main points for longer voyages with knowledge of enough sheltered harbours and bays. Changes to the route are always in the advantage of the participants.

1. Angmassalik District, Kong Bay Oscar, Tasiilaq-settlement

Angmassalik is the biggest settlement of East Greenland; on our way to the settlement beautiful icebergs appear as well as different kind of whales, like the humpback whale. In all Greenland villages, the houses are very colorful.

The population of the Angmassalik consists mainly of Inuit; Eskimo people. Summer days in Greenland are very long, so you can admire the incredible colors of the arctic summer in the evenings and take beautiful pictures of the ice on the coastline of the bay.

Meet the local Greenland husky's, traditional waiting for wintertime on a chain near their houses.

2. Sermilik Fjord, Qeertartivatsiaq island, Fjord Johan Petersen

Sermilik is the most icy fjord in the region, huge icebergs, as big as a city, descend from the glaciers. We try to come as close as possible to the impressive Harn-glacier, look at the icefall, listen to the cracking of melting ice and if we want, swim from the Wylde Swan in the icy meltwater.

3. Settlement Tiniteqilaaq

An old Inuit village situated on the banks of the Sermilikfjord. You can take a walk, buy something from local hunters and fishermen, like dried river trout and codfish.

This is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in East-Greenland; observe a majestic sight of huge icebergs with various bizarre shapes floating in front of us.

4. Iohanfiord, Inuit village Kuummiut

Huge jagged mountains hang above Wylde Swan. Make a magnificent hike to the glacier, or go fishing.

5. Fjord Ikassa, abandoned American base near Ikateq

Ikassa fjord is very small and we try to be there at low tide; beautiful landscapes and icebergs.

During the Second World war the Americans built several military bases and airports in Greenland to facilitate communication between the US and Europe. The American base Ikateq is a very interesting place, with old army vehicles against a background of huge mountains and floating icebergs.

6. Knud Rasmussen-glacier

This is magnificent with the unbelievable rich blue color of the ice breaking from the edge. We try to come closer.

7. Settlement Sermiligaaq

Sermiligaaq means 'beautiful icefjord'. It is an active yacht- and fishingvillage.

Day 12-14

Sailing from Greenland to Iceland. Intensive nautical sailing practice at sea, lessons, join in on the 24-hour watch system.

Day 14

Arrival in Iceland. Summarize the results. Tidy and cleaning.

Please note that this itinerary is preliminary and is depending on the weather. The route is designed in such a way that there is enough time left at the end of the expedition in case of delays due to weather conditions. If necessary, the route can be adjusted by the captain, depending on the external circumstances.


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