The Nautilus Experience by Team Coaching Zone

08 up to and including 18 juli 2020 10:00

The Nautilus Experience will set sail from Brønnøysund, Norway on july 8 and ends on july 18 in Reine, Norway.

The Nautilus Experience by Team Coaching Zone

The Nautilus Experience is a unique, adventure-based learning program that takes place aboard the Wylde Swan. The 1920's 207' foot long fishing schooner was retrofitted as a sail training vessel for both youth as well as adult organizational professionals. In addition to providing a unique sailing adventure, to building new relationships, to taking time for renewal and reflection in nature, the Nautilus Experience focuses on 3 specific learning objectives: - Developing as a team coach - Being part of a team - Experience team of teams

Voorwaarden en condities:

Pricing includes 1 seat in the Nautilus Program, all meals on the ship, berth. Pricing does not include travel to and from the ship.



€ 4500.00