Sailing expedition to Scotland

18 juni 2021 up to and including 22 juni 2021

In this Port to Port delivery you will help to sail Tall Ship Wylde Swan from Harlingen (NL) to Scrabster (SCO).

Sailing expedition to Scotland

You will spend 4 nights and 3 days on board, living the life of a sailor; setting and trimming the sails, steering, keeping lookout and enjoy beautiful nature.

Your trip on Tall Ship Wylde Swan

Setting sail from Harlingen, this trip will give you the opportunity to experience an evening at The Wadden Sea; this area is of great ecological value and is a Unesco World Heritage site. When we enter the North Sea through the entrance between Vlieland and Terschelling, we navigate toward the Scottish North Coast and real sailing begins.

On board you can join the crew on the sea watch system; good to get involved in the 24-hour rhythm on the ship and a fantastic experience.

And then, having gotten your sea legs on the North Sea, the magnificent coast of Scotland appears, with its beautiful waters, rocky coastal islands and jagged cliff edges.

This trip is ideal for those who want to experience a North Sea Crossing.

The places you'll visit

Harlingen is one of the 11 cities of Friesland and is situated besides the World Heritage Wadden Sea. It attracts fans of wind, water and nature. The harbour of Harlingen is the most important harbour of the province of Friesland and is known as a ferry port to Vlieland and Terschelling. A train station is situated in Harlingen Harbour. You can fly to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and then take a train to Harlingen.

Scrabster Harbour is the most Northern port on the Scottish mainland and is of great importance to Scottish fisheries. The town has 290 inhabitants and is known as a ferry port to Orkney.

The harbour is located on the Bay of Thurso, two miles northwest of the town of Thurso. A bus service is operated between Thurso and Scrabster stations. From Thurso you can take a train to Inverness, where there is an airport.

Including full board (all meals and bedding).

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