Sailing expedition to Orkney

23 June 2021 09:00 up to and including 25 June 2021 16:00

Enjoy this sailing expedition on Tall Ship Wylde Swan from Scrabster to Orkney.

Sailing expedition to Orkney

After boarding in Scrabster, we hoist the sails and sail towards Stronsay, part of Orkney. Depending on weather and wind, on the second day we sail to Fair Isle, UK's most remote inhabited island. On the third day, we sail all the way back to Scrabster.

Experience sailing Tall Ship Wylde Swan

Join our professional crew in sailing Tall Ship Wylde Swan. You can help in setting and trimming the sails, steering, learning the basics of navigating the open seas. You can also join in on the watchsystem on board.

The ultimate goal of this 3-day expedition is Fair Isle, which we will try to reach on the second day. If we do, we will leave again in the evening and race through the night (sunset, stars, sunrise!) in order to reach good old Scrabster in the afternoon of the next day.  

This voyage is for those who want to experience a lot of sailing along the the coastline and beatiful islands of Scotland.

The places you'll visit

Scrabster harbour is the most Northern port on the Scottish mainland and is of great importance to Scottish fisheries. The town has 290 inhabitants and is known as a ferry port to Orkney.

The harbour is located on the Bay of Thurso, two miles northwest of the town of Thurso. A bus service is operated between Thurso and Scrabster stations. A train service is operated between Thurso and Inverness. Inverness has an international airport.

Stronsay is an island in Orkney; which is an archipelago in the Northern part of Scotland.

Fair Isle is an island in Shetland, in northern Scotland. It lies about halfway between mainland and Orkney. It is UK's most remote inhabited island with 60 inhabitants. It is known for its bird observatory and a traditional style of knitting.

Including full board (all meals and bedding).

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