Ålesund - Brønnøysund

05 up to and including 08 juli 2020

Racing a tall ship in full sail. Be charmed by the Brønnøysund and the spectacular Helgeland coastline.

Ålesund - Brønnøysund

Join this trip to experience racing a tall ship in full sail and the uniqueness of life at sea. Be charmed by the coastal town of Brønnøysund and the spectacular Helgeland coastline. Arrive a day early to explore the “adventure capital of the fjords” Ålesund.

Departure Day

This stage takes you from Ålesund, northward to Brønnøysund, a town situated roughly half-way along Norway’s vast coastline, which is longer than the equator itself.

We sail northward towards the spectacular coast of Helgeland with its network of archipelagos consisting of more than 12,000 islands, rich birdlife and the legendary Seven Sisters mountain range.

And why not arrive a day before departure to explore Ålesund. This coastal pearl located on a cluster of islands is famed for its Art Nouveau architecture resplendent with turrets, spires and beautiful ornamentation. It is also an excellent starting point for excursions to popular destinations such as the dramatic Hjørundfjord.

Day 2

At sea, you can settle into the unique rhythm of life at sea with your co-sailor colleagues, before enjoying the unforgettable experience of tall ships in full sail competing in a short regatta.

Arrival Day

The voyage ends at Brønnøysund, a lively coastal town steeped in history and surrounded by thousands of islands. It is also close to some of Norway’s most spectacular sights, such as the Torghatten mountain with its famous central peephole.

Optional activities

- Explore Ålesund
- Visit Torghatten
- Visit the Vega Archipelago World Heritage Site
- Explore Brønnøysund

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